Kevin van den Oever
Kevin van den Oever
3D Lighting & Compositing TD

Kevin van den Oever

3D Lighting & Compositing TD

+2778 306 0013

About Me

Creativity is the every-artist's water from the fountain of youth: hard to locate and harder still to tap into when fronted by extruded postmodern dogma and deconstructive guise. But it is a toast so greatly anticipated that the true artist will see themself spit in the face of analytical pretense, and bid cheers to the founding of true expression of the heart. art for the artist's sake.

Current Residence: South Africa
Favourite genre of music: alternative/Indie
Favourite style of art: 3D, Digital painting
Favourite game: Mass Effect 1-3, Portal 1-2, Half-Life 2

Resume available on request.


Working on GABE animated short

Listening to: Foals
Watching: Louis Theroux
Reading: Jeremy Birn - Digital Lighting & Rendering
Thinking: about unicorns
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